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Join your local ConnectQuest group and grow your business today

  • What is ConnectQuest?

    ConnectQuest is a new and innovative business development group. We have developed a fun, engaging and interactive way to meet new businesses in your local area.

    ConnectQuest groups meet weekly, giving you 90 minutes per week to work ON your business, connect with local business people and build organic and authentic partnerships.

    Each ConnectQuest group has one member per industry. This makes your membership exclusive and maximises your ability to build strong new connections and exposes you to a wide range of complimentary industries.

  • Connect with businesses in your local area

    Our business groups are geographically defined by local council and shire boundaries. When you join a ConnectQuest group you will be meeting businesses located in your local area.

  • How is ConnectQuest different?

    We are a business group. Our meetings are not about “networking” and passing “referrals.”

    ConnectQuest has developed a fun and engaging format for you to spend 90 minutes a week working on your business.

    We discuss a range of topics relevant to business of all sizes. With so much collective knowledge in the room, it makes sense to share experiences, learn from others wins or mistakes and know that although at times business is hard, you are not alone.

    We encourage new connections and assist you to turn these new connections into advocates for your business.

    Our belief is from these connections, new business will naturally flow through your door.

  • What else do I get?

    Guest Speakers: Each quarter ConnectQuest invites a passionate and inspiring speaker to connect with our members to educate and challenge us on a variety of topics.

  • How much does it cost?

    ConnectQuest Membership is $135.00 per month Inc GST with a minimum of 3 months commitment.

We invite you to come and visit your local ConnectQuest business group and experience for yourself the fun, support and knowledge that the group offers.

Contact us today to connect with your nearest ConnectQuest group!

Beck Ravenscroft

Rebecca Ravenscroft

Rebecca is the driving force behind turning big ideas into reality. Rebecca is extremely accomplished and is a force to be reckoned with when transforming grand plans into real life achievements.

Rebecca always takes an “out of the box” approach in both her professional and personal life. This approach has brought her great success and motivates her to continue to push the envelope to do things differently and be ahead of the pack. We really should change her position title to “gets things done!”

Julia O'Keeffe

Julia O'Keeffe

When it comes to anything regarding operations and relationships, Julia is our girl.

Julia has an unbelievable ability to find a relationship, a connection or a new opportunity hiding under a rock in the bottom of a dormant volcano!

Julia oozes passion and drive and has the most amazing ability to turn everything she touches into a blossoming success. Julia is an incredible communicator and has a wonderful knack of putting our members at ease and assisting everyone to develop relationships and maximise their full potential gain at each meeting.